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The last few days I keep hearing the word safe. How does safe work into your life. For me I need to feel safe when I make decisions. This may be just  my way of recognizing what a good decision feels like to me. Now that being said even my scary decisions have a safe feeling I get inside. My intuition has started to feel stronger and safer to me the last year or so. Even lately I am feeling a new space of following my own gut feelings even though people around me are challenging me on the decisions I have made. I hate to say I am feeling tested but I am. When I had some moments to step back and reflect on all that has been happening and where I want to go and what I want to do with my work I also see that I have set up some of these tests myself and need to remember to follow my own heart and not always those around me. We all have an opinion of where we think the other person should go or what they should do but deep inside does it feel safe to you- does it feel right for you- does it feel like its the decision that will move you forward or just make someone else happy. These can be tricky times when so much energy is moving around and so many people feel un-safe. Sometimes when we make decisions it pushes others into a place that doesnt feel safe to them. Change is scary and can really mess with a persons balance in life. However I keep hearing to keep moving forward in my own safe space and really tune in to how my body feels and how my heart feels about the intentions I am setting. What we percieve as wrong decisions sometimes just need to be made to let us grow. So I am ok deciding to make decisions that may go against what everyone thinks I should do. How I feel and how I think are two seperate things as I learned in Chicago a few weeks ago. Its like two people fighting all at once inside my own mind. I bet some of you feel that same way. the cool thing is we can get that fight to calm down once you pay attention to what each side has to say! New class coming soon on just this subject!  This week do something or decide something that makes you feel safe inside. See how it feels to feel safe.