Living Your Purpose Affirmation Cards


Do you love affirmations?
This Deck is fantastic for those that need a visual!
Simple and powerful affirmations that work for daily focus.



This unique affirmation deck contains 44 inspiring cards to support you in LIVING YOUR PURPOSE. Affirmations can change the very foundation of how you think, act, feel and ultimately what you attract into your life experience. You affirm things everyday by the thoughts you think. Some thoughts are positive and others are not, however they are ALL affirmations! LIVING YOUR PURPOSE AFFIRMATION CARDS were designed to remind you of who you really are and why you are here. These affirmations were thoughtfully created to assist you in staying in the present moment and to support you in living a Life of Purpose.

Directions: To use these cards I suggest you pick one or two cards in the morning as part of your spiritual practice. You may also pick a card or two any time your intuition calls you to connect with your Inner Guidance. It can be helpful to ask a question such as “What do I need to know today?”  This can help bring focus and clarity to your present moment. Listening to your guidance and focusing on the energy of the card you draw will assist you in living your life on Purpose!


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