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My Spirit Shop features a wide range of products from both me and my close associates. Each item has been specially selected to bring you closer to leading your perfect Spirit-lead life.

The Shop includes books, instant audio downloads, workbooks, oracle decks and more. Whether you're looking for something life-changing for yourself, or for a treasured loved one, you'll be sure to find something amazing inside.

Naughty Spirit Oracle Card Deck

This deck idea actually was very close behind the Wonderment Deck but took a few years to create due to Divine timing! This is the deck for those of you that love the rainbows and unicorns of the spirit world but sometimes get a little cranky and need something a little more blunt and throws in a few swear words to get you to listen! It’s a total hit with people for gifts and is one of the most talked about decks that Jodie offers! If you are easily offended by colorful language this will not be the deck for you! Go for the wonderment deck instead!

Fearless Spirit Oracle Cards

Like many of you Jodie had a very strong mind with very strong opinions of why life was not working. One of the best tools to use when we are retraining ourselves to think differently is to use affirmations! The fearless spirit deck is perfect for those who may deal with Fear a little more than they like to admit! It’s a colorful and powerful deck full of affirmations that kick fear to the curb and move that spirit forward!

Wonderment Deck

This is Jodie’s original Oracle Deck and was created straight from spirit! When she first started doing readings she would see signs and symbols and all sorts of fun things when a message was coming through. On her birthday a friend said why don’t you take all those little signs and symbols and put them in an oracle deck! And the wonderment deck was born! Its her first deck and her most precious of decks and this little deck is absolutely magical in how well the cards line up with the questions that you ask it! Yes it comes with directions and is easy to use!

$20 + tax + $4 S&H

$20 + tax + $4 S&H

$20 + tax + $4 S&H

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