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My Spirit Shop features a wide range of products from both me and my close associates. Each item has been specially selected to bring you closer to leading your perfect Spirit-lead life.

The Shop includes books, instant audio downloads, workbooks, oracle decks and more. Whether you're looking for something life-changing for yourself, or for a treasured loved one, you'll be sure to find something amazing inside.

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Eli’s Angels –  These beautiful love filled Rustic angels come straight from my husbands hands!

They were created out of an inspired talk about our yard and welding and shortly after his mom passed away. The idea came in and we were off and running with it! Eli’s angels were born!  

These angels can be used inside or out and they do rust over time and we feel that just adds to the beauty – just as we as humans age and our beauty becomes deeper then just that surface beauty.

Many clients use these for yard enhancements but also we have had many people use them for honoring those that have passed as markers at the cemetery. A beautiful tribute to our angels in heaven.

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