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My Spirit Shop features a wide range of products from both me and my close associates. Each item has been specially selected to bring you closer to leading your perfect Spirit-lead life.

The Shop includes books, instant audio downloads, workbooks, oracle decks and more. Whether you're looking for something life-changing for yourself, or for a treasured loved one, you'll be sure to find something amazing inside.

Magic of Space Clearing

This magical book will bring you step by step through the process of space clearing for any space that you inhabit! Great for beginners as well as advanced energy workers.

ABC’s of Intuition

Are you just stepping into your intuition or maybe you are needing a little refresher about how to connect and those all important reminders of daily life that keeps that vibe high each and every day! For every letter of the rainbow I have included a great way to bring spirit more present into your life.

365 Days of Angle Prayers

One of my all time favorite projects I have been included in. Calling in your angels each day is key to allowing that angelic energy into our life. This book is PACKED full of amazing prayers channeled by the angels. A most beautiful way to start your day!

$16.96 + tax + $5 S&H

$14.95 + tax + $5 S&H

$25.00 + tax + $7 S&H

Living Your Purpose

This was my very first book project and was such validation that every move we make or every decision we make will take us where we need to go. There are no wrong decisions! Packed full of stories that remind you living our life in the most joy is really our purpose. It’s just sometimes a long and windy road to understand!

When Heaven Touches Earth

I love the story I shared in this book. It was a very hard time right before my Mother in law crossed over from pancreatic cancer. I had a “Visitor” that I was not interested but ended up teaching me the most profound lesson of my life at the time. Amazing stories from page 1 in this book! It’s one of my faves. Ok they are all my faves but I do love the stories!

$16.95 + tax + $5 S&H

$24.95 + tax + $5 S&H

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