Good afternoon, Jodie! Just wanted to let you know that I got a job! At the perfect place! , right next door to your building, ha ha. I start next Friday. You were right on. I was out of work for 3 weeks, and am starting work in February. I'll be working with children and families, and the job is a great utilization of all of my experience; the team and supervisor seem very positive and a lot like me. The other business, the other place I interviewed with, also offered me a job, but this place seems like a better fit for me. Thank you!! Meeting with you helped me feel more hopeful and have faith that my situation would work out. Sometimes it's just nice to know there is a plan to the madness that occurs, helps us understand and keep going!



Incredible! That is what a karma clearing session with Jodie is...WOW! Her passion and kind spirit is so comforting as you journey through other life times. I have experienced two sessions with Jodi and both have changed my life! The first one saved my 19 year marriage, and opened a doorway for me and my husband to love in this life time without all the baggage of past lives. Whenever you are feeling like your dance with life is not in the flow, I highly recommend you call Jodi and allow her to guide you through a clearing that will change your life. I marvel at her intuitive gift!


Minneapolis MN 

Seriously, We are thrilled for you, and really happy someone like you is making great strides in making such things seem much more acceptable... you deserve a lot of respect and good things in return for all the good you're doing--for your clients and cultural awareness we'll call it! Love You!


Hello again Jodie,
I had asked you on the radio about three months ago about money and you said something about grant manifestation and in the meantime take a Yoga class. I actually teach yoga, remember, and have been doing some landscaping on the side. It turns out that one of the ladies I do landscaping for had started the alternative high school education here in Fargo, ND. This woman has brought groups of her students all over the world using grants. She just recently shared this information with me and mentioned she'd help me write some grants to help me go to Thailand and India to study. You were right. Grants are my next big step. Thank you for your insight.


Fargo ND

I had the challenge of preparing for sale the home of a relative who had passed away in the Fargo/Moorhead area. The poor condition of the home and the chaos of its contents made this a daunting project. I knew I could not begin my work until the negative energy in the house was cleared. Not living near this area, I found Jodie online. We started communicating by e-mail. She immediately understood my concerns, and had an intuitive grasp of all that was going on with the energy in the house and what needed to be done. She also referred me to one of her “crew” who was able help me with the cleanup in a caring, compassionate, and truly magical manner. Jodie’s dousing both remotely and on the premises made a dramatic change in the home’s energy. Her intuitive insights were very helpful and enlightening. 

The home clean-up and clearing-out just flowed. I was able to accomplish an amazing amount of work very quickly. The house was ready to be put on the on the market much sooner than I expected, and sold immediately for our asking price. I feel so blessed to have found Jodie and her exceptional gifts for this project.

M. Smith

Our daughter Addilynn wasn't resting at night just shortly after she was born. With an energy vortex correction, everything began to shift and suddenly Addilynn was sleeping again. Without Jodie's insights and help, we may still be trying to figure out what was making Addi so restless. Thank you Jodie!"

Chanda Parkinson

I have used Jodie to dowse all of the properties I have on the Real Estate market. The results are amazing. Even in a slow economy, the properties either get rented or sold in a timely manner. If a property does not sell, the owners come to realize they are not really ready to move, the Universe has a better Idea.

Wes Hamilton

Broker Minnesota Lakes Realty

You’re an inspiration! I am reading your newsletters voraciously and will – someday soon I hope – be present at one of your workshops! I remember being with you at one of Jodee’s workshops a couple of year’s ago and we were both visioning our futures... Well they’re here! How cool is that! Eat Drink & Be Merry! Happy Holidays


I have a sense of peace that I don't think I've ever had before. After Jodie was in--it was like all this unseen clutter was cleared away bringing clairty and freedom. I'm grateful.


Just a follow-up to let you know how much a thoroughly enjoyed my reading. It has opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities and in some cases has given me fresh perspectives.

I do have to share something with you. You mentioned that I might be receiving an offer to do some temporary work. Well, the very next day I received an email from a friend of mine offering me a tow month consulting gig with a local Bank. I start tomorrow. Wow!

Just a couple of other things, I did start my letters to my brother and father, so I am in process there. I have also begun documenting what my next career will feel like and that process has been revealing to say the least. And lastly I did go out to the Core Passion site and I signed up for and took the Core Passion Assessment. While it did not reveal anything that I would consider new, it certainly reinforce a lot of things. I hope to take your advice and see if I can have a discussion with Wes and Lori some time soon.

And finally, I really want to explore meditation so I will be contacting you soon about getting your help in that area.

Thank you again. The experience was amazing and I plan to do more readings in the future.



“Jodie’s professionalism and passion for what she does was shining through during our session. She knows exactly what she is doing and made me feel at ease and made the dowsing process easy to understand.” “We had constant problems with our washing machine and sink in the same room….since the dowsing (about two months) nothing has happened! Yeah!!”

Linda Tupa

"I would recommend dowsing to everyone! I am so excited about the changes since our home was dowsed, and the changes yet to come! Our energy level went from -10 to +36!!! WOW!! Just later the same day, there were about 10 kids in our living room and they were all calm! Better yet, I was calm! Later that night, I was able to do things in my basement. I hadn't been able to get anything done in that space, besides sit on the computer. The next day I was able to do some cleaning out in the basement. Whenever I had gone down there, with good intentions of getting something done, I just couldn't do anything. Not so now!! I can concentrate on whatever task needs to be done!! The 3 children are sleeping better AND not fighting as much!!! Thanks Jodie!! I'm so glad you took the class and shared your knowledge with others!!"


"I just wanted to fill you in on what's going on at our place. The first day was like....woohoo... I could feel how different the energy was and how light everything felt. another very cool thing, last week my books were looking pretty slow for this time of year, Thursday the phone started to ring and by Friday I was completely booked for this week, and I’m close to full for next week too! I can't wait to see what happens when you do the shop! "


Park Rapids, MN

"I’ve always been a big believer that the path to riches and happiness starts by working on your own personal growth. I’ve always known it’s important to create a healthy INNER environment for your dreams to take shape and take off.

Well, after having Jodie Harvala work her magic on my LIVING environment I’m also a big believer in how important it is to create a HEALTHY OUTER environment that supports you and the success you want.

Even though I take great care in surrounding myself with things I love, I sensed there were places in my home where the energy was stuck, and therefore not helping me or my family.
So, I hired Jodie to come in and use her DOWSING techniques to clear my home of unwanted energy. Sure enough, within minutes of entering my home Jodie identified the problem areas and went to work clearing my home of unwanted, negative energy. And I’m so glad she did!
Now my home FEELS so much better. This has translated to several tangible results – I’ve been sleeping better, my FOCUS has improved (I work from a home office), and my husband even noticed the difference!

It takes work to create a happy, healthy and successful life. But, you don’t need to do ALL of what it takes by yourself. Hire an expert like Jodie to come in and clear the way for GOOD FORTUNE. The work she does is MAGIC, but it’s based on hard science. THAT combination and Jodie’s expertise is something you want in your corner!"

Cari Vollmer

The Passions into Profit

"I had Jodie come out to dowse our home and property. I felt that it needed it again. The energy here was awful. After she finished, everything was brighter, clearer and fresh. We have 4 dogs and a cat. They all felt it. We were all lighter, in our moods and our energy fields. The birds even felt the difference. I haven’t heard a chick-a-dee out here for a couple of years and they came back. I can think clearer, and sleep better, and the arguing that was going on here quite frequently has totally ceased! My life is unfolding in ways I never imagined. All here is good. =) "

Thank you Jodie!