Bad Ass Clearing

When the husband is away mama will play!

• Does your home need a bad ass clearing in a bad way?
• Does your home have that creepy basement feel?
• Do you feel like someone is watching you even though nobody is home?
• When you get home from work do you immediately hit the couch even though you had been motivated to get some things done on the way home from work
• Restless sleep?
• Things flying off the wall or doors banging or lights flashing or even electronics turning on and off?
• Animals feeling off or scared?
• Health issues that your body could use support in the healing process?
• Has someone passed away either in your home or in a place of grief that seems to hold you down?
• Huge life transitions?
• Feeling like your keep getting backed up against a wall even though you are doing “all the right things”
• Does your home feel dark or depressed or even haunted?
• Do you have some big shoes you want to step into this year?
• Are you expanding or growing your business?
• Are you looking or a new partner or have just gone through a divorce?
• Are you trying to sell your home?
• Do you have piles and piles of “Stuff” that needs to get cleared out?

All of these are great reasons to get a clearing done on your home or business.  In the past 7 years I have witnessed some pretty incredible shifts after a home or business has been cleared of the old stale stagnant energy and emotions that in a way hold the family back.

We walk through life picking up all sorts of energy from others and where do we bring it? We bring it home with us. Our kids even pick things up through school or activities. We are all energy and being a spiritual being in a human body can cause a little havoc at times.

I believe that clearing a space can open doors to not only healing but also to opportunities and begin the process of finding the you that you have been looking for!

Our homes and businesses are here to support us but at times we need to get that energy raised so they may do the job correctly.

If any of these statements ring true then you may want to consider a bad ass clearing J  ( I just like saying that although I will own I am a bad ass clearer – its my new affirmation I decided on for my birthday J )

If you feel guided please contact me below as this next week the hubby is away to the wife may play J  this means evening appointments too!

The first 10 to contact me will get a birthday price of $225 for the clearing – this can be remote or in person –  If you are not in the Fargo area then I will charge for travel or you can simply set the appointment and send me a simple sketch of your home.

Don’t hesitate as these spots fill quickly each time I run this price!

Freedom Gathering

A mentoring group for healing and clearing.

We will start on September 8th and gather for 6 weeks.

Here is the fun part—you have two choices! We all love choices right 😉

One class will be over the phone from noon till 2.

One class will be in the evening from 6:30 till 8:30 in person! (In Fargo)

Each class will be two hours in length and will be a limited amount of people.

Investment will be $180 for each group.

$50 non-refundable deposit to hold your space.

Register here:

Click here to put down deposit.

Click here to pay in full.

So Many Ways To Love

Last night was a full moon. The first after my 41st birthday and I ended up going to a ceremony with two of my friends who I have not seen in soooo long.
We ended up in the soccer fields to watch the sun set and the moon come out. A super moon. We all took turns to let the moon know what it was we wanted to let go of and more importantly what we wanted to bring in for ourselves.
The message we all heard was to be LOVE. Love everyone.
My question was how do we love those we don’t like very much? ( A valid question and one I see a lot of “Spiritual” people wrestle with cause you know if your spiritual you love everyone right J )
The answer was so beautiful.
Love people the way you need to love them.
Love people the way you need to love them.
Kind of opened a new perspective for me.
We have lots of ways to love.  We all paused and considered the answer to a very big question.
Here is what came to my in my sleepless night last night. Maybe it will help you on how to love those that are a bit challenging in your life.
You can love quietly.
You can love loudly.
You can love at a distance.
You can love in a healthy way.
You can love with boundaries.
You can love with intimacy.
You can love with family.
You can love with friends.
You can love with ideas.
You can love with Intention.
You can love with beauty.
You can love with fear.
You can love with Bravery.
You can love inwardly.
You can love in the dark.
You can love in the light
You can love with laughter
You can love with tears
You can love seeing the gifts
You can love in the challenge
You can love with conditions
But you can also love
Unconditional love is something I feel we come from in our most pure of spiritual selves. I feel that we are here to clear out the layers of shadows to bring us back to that space within us.
Each layer we clear brings us closer to that love inside of us that is busting to get out.
So each morning we get to pick.
How do you want to LOVE today?

Moving Through Energy Challenge

Those of you that know me know how much I love my work! 2012 has been a wild ride already and we have only just begun! I am seeing a lot of challenges coming up fast and furious for people and wanted everyone to know I have been in that spot and have worked my way through it with lots of help and support! I wanted to talk a little about that piece of moving through the energy when its so challenging.

Now in my ..ahem… challenging moments I am not the easiest person to be around. ( I know, I know hard to imagine!) I have learned a lot of techniques in my last 5 or more years to work with how I present myself when I am rolling in challenge. Just for fun I put together a little list.

Here are some signs that you are JUST about to breakthrough….

1: You get sick- this was a biggie for me- I was sick for four months one time until I decided not to be

2: Everything around you starts to break- I call this upgrading – appliances- computers- cars- pretty much all the things that bring you convenience and comfort- see the symbology to get out of your comfort zone!

3: Friends and family around you start to think you are “Crazy” or keep pushing you to stay the same as you are

4: Friends start dropping away- TOUGH one for all of us- but sometimes you need to just step away for a while as you grow and give them space to grow too.

5: Your body changes- gain or lose weight- again the deeper I dove into my junk the heavier I became-I see it now as I was really working on protecting myself from being vulnerable – this year I am taking steps to really shift that! Sometimes it’s the opposite- you may really get your body in great shape to show how healthy and strong you are- Body changes mean something is changing

6: You get really angry and SWEAR a lot! I love this one myself- I have a potty mouth at times and a breakthrough gives me permission to go there! I have a friend that we swear on the phone to each other like truckers and love every minute of it- then pull ourselves together to be our professional selves when out in public!

We have many others signs of a breakthrough- as well as lots of catch phrases as we are moving through it- The phrases used to drive me crazy but now that I get why they are said and I use them all the time myself. We joke about them often to each other and add a few colorful words just to fluff them up a bit.

2012 is so much about stepping into our own and working through our shadows. But to do this you may need some support. In fact for all those lone rangers out in the world that think they can do this work by themselves I will tell you in my opinion you cant. Support is needed when looking at all this junk we want to let go of. Again that is my opinion and I have tried the do it myself route and its just plain painful. It can be painful even with support but just knowing others have gone through the fire and have made it out makes a big difference in your journey. You can get this support in so many ways! Think outside the box and follow your gut on how to create that support system. I find that outside sources work best for me. I have taken lots of classes, joined groups, tried things way out of my comfort zone and did a lot of things by myself that were quite challenging. I have also met some wonderful teachers, mentors, friends and lifelong allies through this practice.

You may also want to create a plan. I have 9 wonderful women in a class right now that are doing just that. Some of them were admittedly lost and had no idea where to start. The intentional living class is a perfect place as it gives you a place to start and a place to move. I have another starting up shortly so if you just need a place to start I would suggest that class! Its very powerful and creates a map to where you’re going.

Also don’t forget to have some fun! I will be offering some of my Wonderment Series classes and encourage those who just wanna have fun to come join us!


We shift and move and roll around each day trying to find our way. Lets have some fun together and make this a team effort! Learn the rules of the universe and watch how fast you start to live the life you want and create the amazing results you’re wishing for. It can be done! I am living proof! I have come up with several gatherings that can help support you in many ways! If you feel guided please come join us!

How Far Have You Come

It’s November already! Isn’t it amazing how much can change in the space of a year?

Just like Everyone Else Ever, I’m not always great at taking the time to slooowwwww down and appreciate my life and how far I’ve come. Left to my own devices, I will gogogo and miss those sweet moments in life because I’m busy scheduling meetings or grocery shopping.

The last couple of weeks I’ve been a lot more mindful of the moments in my life I want to enjoy –

 taking a few deep breaths,  shutting off my phone or taking a walk outside to check out those gorgeous leaves. I force myself to just enjoy it a little bit more, work a little less, and pay attention to my kids and what’s happening at school. 

 Really, I had to laugh when conference notes came home and the teacher asked me to bring Foster to conferences with me.  

My boys

My immediate thought process went something like this:

  is he getting in trouble and I haven’t been paying attention and I’m missing what’s happening and I should be a better mom and throw the x-box away and make better suppers and feed them more organic food …

and on and on and on.
But I then I took a deep breath and just asked Foster “How’s school going?”


That was his answer! I changed my question to “How is school feeling?”

“Good, I haven’t gotten in trouble in a long time.”  I laughed and reminded him that I hadn’t asked if he was getting in trouble. Was there anything we needed to chat with your teacher about?

“No, I like her and school is going good.”

Now, with my calm Mom head back on, I was able to feel into his answer. He was calm, he wasn’t nervous or chewing on his shirt (A tell tale sign he’s hiding something).

  He felt quite good about all of it. I know his teacher will have some suggestions. I know he can be obnoxious in class (he gets that from Dad, I’m sure of it!)  and that things may look different to his teacher than to Foster.    But in the end, I know how my son feels.

 I know his “tells” and I know when he is feeling off or scared or nervous because the last few years I have learned to tune into those emotions. 

  If I slow down and remember who I am – a mom who can feel when something is off –  then I can put myself back into a place of being centered and relaxed.  

I can breath. I can enjoy. I can let go of the guilt. I can just BE. 

Now that is how far I’ve come.

Today, this week, this month, take a moment to see how far you have come.

 Think about how you used to react and how you react now.  Celebrate your growth – not the things you still need to work on. Acknowledge the wins!

Need some help getting there? 


I have a few new things on the horizon that you may want to take advantage of. A bit of a new style + flair for my ever-changing ways.  But I promise it will still be filled with as much fun as we can come up with!  

4 Steps to Creating Intentions That Work. Like Today

4 Steps To Creating Intentions That Work.  Like, Today.


You know what you want:
A clear + bright + supportive home.
A focused + relaxed mind.

You’re just not sure how to get it.

Today I’m going to share my favorite way to make my home as cheering + clear as I want it to be.  Let’s talk intention setting.

1. Spend some time on how you want to feel
Think about your home, job, love life, children, anything. Write down these feelings and create an order to the universe, just like at a restaurant.  “I’d like a clean, fun-filled, calm house with a side of afternoon sun, please.”


2. Use feeling words
Get in your heart + dig deep.  A few words that might be applicable to your home:
safe, comfy, loving, warm, cozy, creative, full of family, etc.  Whatever works for you!

3. Write the story

Write the story of your perfect home as if its already happened.  Intentions are used to get you into the energy that you are seeking – they’re not just a common comment. Intentions actually create the emotion in your body as you set them. You create the energy within your heart to spread to your outside world.
Here’s an example of a good, energy-drawing story.

When I walk in the door I feel my home is giving me a nice warm hug hello. The energy inside my home melts all my stress away as I walk through the door – almost as if I have a magic wand waving over my head to release anything negative that may have followed me home.

My home creates a warm cuddly cozy feeling as soon as I sit down and take a big deep breath. I feel fully supported and confident when I am in my home. This is my safe haven where everybody knows my name and I can just BE. I can slow down, stop thinking, relax, enjoy, laugh and create a space for my boys and husband that nurtures us as well as leaves room for plenty of fun and creativity. My home is my light and love and re-fills my body every day with new life and love.

4.  Make copies of your story
Once you have a story that you can feel down to your toes, write it down again, and make copies. Carry them in your purse, wallet, car, under the couch where you sit a lot. Hang them in the mirror in the bathroom. Put them anywhere that reminds you of the energy you want to create.

For me, a physical symbol is my best reminder. A while ago,  I wanted to new carpet. I found the carpet I wanted and laid a piece of it outside my bathroom door. Each day I said, “I am soo going to love that new carpet when I get it. I can’t wait to create the income to install the new carpet. My house is going to be sooo happy to have a facelift!”  Every day I could feel what it would be like to have that new carpet. Within the year I had created the finances to order new carpet!

Dream it, feel it,
Intentions are best when written down, keeping it in your head just keeps it in your head.

original image (without text on top) by Emma Bradshaw, for sale here

The Wonderment Oracle Deck

Introducing Jodie Harvala’s Wonderment Oracle Deck! These cards represent 52 of the symbols I recieve during my readings and they have been recreated in bright, vibrant and colorful energy! Buy Now!

The Answers within…..

The answers within- this is a card from my new deck of oracle cards! Soon to be available on my website but you can email me directly to get your own set right now .

The Answers within- each time we come up against a roadblock or a place where we just dont know where to go or what to do next we tend to start looking outside of ourselves for the answers. We as for ideas, opinions, direction, insight. Any thing we can do to make ourselves feel like we are searching for the answer. What I have learned and observed with so many clients is the answers typically are within. They may need some guidance about getting those answers out or maybe a little help with being honest about what the real answer is but almost always the answer is within. So today before you grab the phone or head to facebook or seek out the answer from someone else. Sit quite, take a breathe, empty your mind, even grab a pen or pencil and some paper and just write out what needs to be said from within. Find the answers within your own self. See what magic comes from this practice.

Wonderment of Relationships

On Tuesday night July 17th I will be holding a three part class on Relationships. This three part series will help you understand how important relationships are in life. To yourself, spirit and others. We will meet for three weeks on Tuesday night from 6:30 until about 8:30. The first week is about you! The second about Spirit and the third about everyone else.

If you feel guided to this class please sign up on the website or email me with quesitons! We will be meeting at my office..

3301 13th ave south

Fargo- Suite 106