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Unlock the Magic Within You

This is the first step for those brave women and men who are ready to create magic in their own life by opening the doors to spirit and intuition.


Group Classes

Building your community.

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Private Mentoring

Everyone needs a coach.

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Home and Body Clearing

Energy is everywhere! Lets clean it up!

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Group Classes

Are you looking for ways to develop your intuition, get connected to spirit or just learn the basics? Join my experiential classes and have your very own experience with spirit. I believe the very best way to teach this work is to create your very own experience.

Private or Group Coaching/Mentoring

If its time to make some big changes or shifts in life private or group coaching/mentoring is what you are looking for! Check out the Hot Shift programs to head up your life!

Home/Business or Body Clearing

Have you ever walked into a house and thought ewwww! Or maybe you feel like you have been slimed by someone or something? That’s a sure sign a clearing would be recommended.

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As an Intuitive Consultant, Teacher, Speaker and Dowser I hold a variety of classes that are spirit led. I believe that "When energy moves, freedom happens."

~Jodie Harvala

View this wonderful video to find out more about Jodie Harvala her gifts and how she can help you.